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Owner Nancy Gooding

Nancy Gooding, the owner of Plum Creek Hollow, grew up with a passion for horses and has never outgrown it. It is probably that same passion for horses that has brought you to this and other horse web sites. We cannot get enough of them - the sight, the smell, the feel and the sound of them. And then there's riding them! Amazing!

In 1983 Nancy bought 35 acres of beautiful land on which to keep her field hunter and another horse or two. Over the next few years she added to that, built a barn, then another barn, fencing, an indoor arena, more fencing and on and on, to what today is the magnificent Plum Creek Hollow Farm.

Nancy visited Germany for the first time in 1989 to see what their horses were all about. She was very impressed by what she saw and what she learned about the German system for training and riding horses. Not only did they have better quality horses than she could find in Colorado and the West at that time, but their system for training and riding the horses was also several steps above what she had seen.

The horses that she saw presented for sale at auctions and privately were well trained, easy to ride and most already had a good amount of horse show experience. Nancy quickly realized that she could buy well bred, nice looking, reasonably priced and consistently trained horses who already had good show horse mileage.

She focused on really nice amateur horses that were very rideable, easy to handle with no vices and good vet checks. The horses she imported were very well received and sold quickly. Others wanted to know where these nice horses came from and the story goes on from there. Even after importing more than 125 horses, Nancy still gets a thrill finding those horses that are special enough to bring to Plum Creek Hollow for you.

Plum Creek Hollow Owner
Plum Creek Hollow Owner