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Plum Creek Hollow Sport Horses for Sale

Exceptional High Performance Sport Horses

While the facilities of Plum Creek Hollow are first rate, it is the horses that reside here that make this farm world class. The quality of German sport horses is legendary and the German breeders have refined and improved their blood lines for several hundred years and have sophisticated their training system to produce world class horses and riders.

Plum Creek Hollow is committed to selecting among these top quality horses and finding special ones that are geared toward the amateur rider, providing horses that are safe, reliable, talented and competitive with exceptional rideability. We are very much aware that when you invest a lot of effort, time, and resources into the sport, you want to see results that match your goals in local, national and international competition.

Plum Creek Hollow has been successfully importing world class Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage horses and young prospects from Germany for more than 20 years, over 125 horses to date. When looking for that special horse, come see the very special ones we have selected for you.

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