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Plum Creek Hollow - A Place Like No Other

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Arapahoe Hunt Cross Country Pace

Plum Creek Hollow hosts the annual Cross Country Pace Event benefiting the Arapahoe Hunt usually at the end of September or the first part of October. The Foxhunters enjoy riding horses and feeling the freedom and the sounds of the chase over the thousand acres of Plum Creek Hollow farm's beautiful backdrop and adjoining lands.

The much anticipated Arapahoe Hunt Pair Pace event draws between 250 and 350 riders who come to enjoy the spectacular scenery at Plum Creek while riding and jumping the 32+ jumps on the PCH cross country course.

The cross country course features logs, stone walls, water crossings, banks, and drops. All jumps can be negotiated by three different levels of riders, the lowest being 12" to 16", the medium level at 18" to 24" and the advanced at 30" to 4 feet. The jumps in Arapahoe Hunt Cross Country Pace event are all designed to be inviting for horse and rider, the water crossings are less than 12" deep and 6' to 12' wide. The course is usually about 2.4 miles long.

This is a very fun and anticipated event and we invite you to come and ride with us. Please contact us for more information.

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